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At PosTree, customer experience and value for our customers is at the epicentre of what is most important to us.

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We are a POS (Point of sale) software company founded in 2016, with a vision to help businesses grow online and in – store. We know our clients are passionate about customer service, so here at PosTree, we help make this process a reality and as easy as possible with innovative technology and design. We create beautiful websites for your business, no matter how big or small. We also offer cloud and offline solutions as well as eCommerce and web ordering integration. Start selling your products from anywhere in the world, or in store with PosTree!

Cloud & Offline POS solutions

Omni-Channel – Seamless integration of Shopping website with POS

Integrated web ordering system for takeaways


Loyalty, Gift Cards and Vouchers management

Remote Administration

Cloud backup

Inventory management

Manage Key swipes and access

Fingerprint Sign-in

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We are a young team excited to make a dent in the hospitality industry.

India Team

We have been supported by our Local Enterprise Office.

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